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Testimonials Students
Luccas Borges
The support Pioneer staff gives is truly incredible...they go through your essay, they revise your essay, and even the students in Pioneer...we’ve sent our papers back and forth. I think the different students in Pioneer have such different experiences and such unique backgrounds that the insights that they can provide is something that’s hard to get in a traditional high school setting.
Rebecca (University of Chicago)
Pioneer was an incredible opportunity for me to do college-level research. Although I went to one of the best international schools in Asia, I still did not really have a chance to do work at the same level as I did in Pioneer. Even the summer schools that my friends and I went to in the US did not compare. Working with a professor on a paper over 20 pages long really pushed me to grow and develop.
Lily Graff
I thought it was interesting to see how Pioneer grouped students from different countries. I think it’s definitely valuable to see how different students from different schools learn and think about problems in different ways... It was really interesting to see how people approach problems and work together to come up with one solution.
Jasper (Swarthmore College)
In my high school, we studied extremely hard to get good scores in order to gain admission to top universities. Pioneer is different. It is a program that focuses on learning. Through researching anthropology with my professor, I realized I want to major in this field! If you study really hard in Pioneer, you can make a lasting relationship with a professor and discover new things about yourself.
Julia Ye
Pioneer research really taught me...that I have more techniques (for research and understanding) to use than just reading every word in a sentence.
Isabella (Boston College)
Being in Pioneer greatly improved my confidence because I had never really done something so high level before. After writing my research paper, I discovered my potential to do major projects at the cutting edge in a field. I think this program helps students learn many different things. If I had gone to a summer school, I probably would have learned to make new friends and live in a new environment. But in Pioneer I learned how to write a research paper that pushed me to achieve things that no other program could have.
Allen (full scholarship in the honors program at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Pioneer was extremely challenging. It was eye opening to become familiar with a new academic discipline. For me, it was psychology. But, more importantly, I learned a tremendous amount about research methodology. I also gained fundamental skills, like critical thinking, synthesizing information, communicating, and coming up with new ideas. These things have been crucial to my success in college and life.
Professor of Literature
Claremont McKenna College
Meeting with students from halfway around the world and talking about topics I usually discuss in an intimate learning space is simply remarkable. I feel connected to my students as if they were with me in a classroom. They are incredibly talented and motivated, such a joy to teach.
Professor of International Relations
New York University
It’s wonderful to have such a diverse class of students from the United States, Afghanistan and China. The multicultural interactivity allows us all to draw unique lessons that benefit all students as well as myself as an educator.
Professor of Near Eastern Studies
Harvard University
I find it amazing that my students can raise the same questions that scholars in my field are asking. It is really exciting to have such strong students engaging at such a high level. In fact, I am actually using some of the students’ research in my class at Harvard.
Professor of Physics
Vassar College
I can’t believe I’m teaching a class across three continents! By joining Pioneer, students become part of a special learning community that transcends boundaries. Often, Pioneer students can contribute to my own research through bringing in new ways of analyzing problems. Once, I even had them present their findings to my undergraduate students at Vassar! They were all impressed with what my Pioneer students had achieved.
Professor of Mathematics
Davidson College
It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to work with students who want to grow their mathematical skills far beyond the traditional high school curriculum to the undergraduate level. It’s an honor to be the person to challenge them academically in this way for the first time. For these students, the Pioneer experience has set the stage for them to be successful in college and beyond.
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